Auditions for Jesus Christ Superstar - January 14 & 15 @ 6-9pmJesus Christ Superstar Thumbnail

All those auditioning are required to sign up for a time slot below.

Jesus Christ Superstar Audition Information

The show opens March 22 and runs through April 14. Rehearsals will begin the first week of Feb.  and will be weeknights from 6-10pm.  Not all roles will be called every evening until March when run throughs will begin.  Most will be needed two to three evenings only.  Judas and Jesus will be needed almost every evening.

Please prepare one rock n roll or show tune that fits the style of the show best.  You may be asked to sing something from the show, so please familiarize yourself with the material. An accompanist will be provided. You may be asked to move to some basic choreography as well, so please dress accordingly.

Jesus Christ Superstar Character List

JUDAS: Male 20s-30s. Jesus’ strategic confidante, dedicated, passionate, conflicted, unshakably practical, torn between an aggressive sense of self-preservation and the ideals of Jesus’ religious movement; rock tenor-low D to high E.

JESUS: Male 20s-30s. As much a pop culture idol as a religious leader, driven, charismatic, attractive, sincere, has a greater understanding of the dangers and matters at hand than any of his followers; rock tenor-low Bb to high E.

MARY MAGDALENE: Female 20s-30s. Struggles with aligning her worldly past with Jesus’ message, hopeful, steadfast, fragile, sweet with an edge; folk mezzo-low G# to B.

PONTIUS PILATE: Male 30s-40s. Roman Governor, calculated, thoughtful, adept at handling pressure, not quick to use the gravity of his power; rock baritenor-low A to Bb.

CAIPHAS: Male 30s-50s. High Priest of the Pharisees, at the top of a crumbling system and violently resistant to conceding his place, cold, severe, strategic; bass-low C to middle F.

ANNAS: Male 20s-40s. The right hand man to Caiphas. Calculating and slithering. High rock tenor.

SIMON: Male 20s-30s. Particularly enthusiastic supporter of the anarchist aspect of Jesus’ mission, reckless, extreme, ready for an uprising; rock tenor.

KING HEROD: Male 30s-50s. King of Galilee responsible for determining the fate of its Jewish captives, corrupt, condescending, decadent, charming with a sneer; bari-tenor-low B to high B.

PETER: Male late teens-20s. A loyal follower of Jesus. Innocent and soft-spoken.

ENSEMBLE: Male/Female late teens-40s Must be singers who are at home in pop/rock stylings, must move very well.

We understand that auditioning is stressful, especially for those with little or no experience. We are committed to having a good time and to see your talents - even if this your first audition , and will do all we can to alleviate that stress, but expect everyone to co-operate and be as prepared as possible.

Please note: Auditions will be closed - meaning that no family will be allowed in the audition room unless otherwise arranged. This is to encourage the actor to audition without inhibition. You will enter the lobby and fill out an audition sheet, your picture will be taken, and you will be given a number. Family members are welcomed to wait with their performers in the lobby. Under no circumstances will a parent be allowed to coach or help their child through the performance part of the auditioning process.


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Please contact Daniel at the box office with any additional questions.

  • Phone: (507) 282-8481
  • Email:

What To Know About Auditions

  • Pre-registration strongly encouraged, a timeslot will be assigned, which will help avoid waiting times.. 

  • Auditions at the Civic are always open to the public and never precast.

  • Rochester Civic Theatre Company practices color-blind casting and encourages people of all races, creeds, and cultures to audition.

  • Rehearsal schedule will be distributed at the auditions. 

  • For musical auditions: please prepare a song to sing at the audition. Bring the sheet music for an accompanist. Wear something comfortable to dance/move at the audition.

  • For non-musical auditions: Scripts are available to check out with a small deposit fee ($10) at the box office. Stop by the box office for details. Scripts must be returned to the box office by Monday before the audition dates.

  • Cast info is subject to change. Check this page often or contact Box Office for the current information.